Text 18 Apr So Tell Me…

She stares at the mirror, as her inner thoughts wrestle

While she applies camouflage to cover the busted blood vessels.

Just another reminder of how he puts her on this pedestal,

But when she falls off, her life becomes all hellish though.

But it’s all love they say, it’s all love she say, it’s just his way of showing how he cares for his babe.

He said he loves you, so does that make it alright? That every time he mad he starts a fist fight? That every time he fail, you wail. Or when you need‘im, he bails.

So tell me, does that make it alright?

That you have to hide your limp, hide your gimp. All for the sake of this fucking chimp. Nothing but a savage without a touch of grace, who thinks he has to, put you in your place…

 when in fact your place is                             far away,

away from the hands of all this dismay.  Away from the fray, far from the hurt. Not buried in the ground under six feet of dirt.

So shed your skin and wash off the paint, cause your bruises will heal, but not the taint

That he’s placed on your soul or the hole that he’s made,

with the burns of his words as the lines lay blurred

between love and hate, hate and love, the sky below and the ground above.

The world is scary, this I know. And that if you leave him you’d feel alone. Feeling stuck between sticks and stones. But always ending with aches and moans.

So tell me, does that make it alright? That he tells you he loves you at the end of the night. That by the break of next day’s light, all is forgotten and all is right? And that it can all start over with just one slight.

So tell me, does that make it alright?

         So tell me, does that make it alright?

                       So tell me…

Text 30 Jul Butterflies, Effect

by:Chris Z.

If you could go back, and do it all again,

would you change the world, would you change the end?

Would you take back all the things you said, and start over all anew,

Say the things you wish you did, do the things you wanted to?

Strip away the fears so only truth remains,

No more nerves, no more stutters, nothing is retained.

Or would you leave it as it is, forever stuck in time.

Would you live with your decisions, and know them line by line?

Accept what you had done, and what you had let go.

Leaving the past untouched, and never letting known

What could have been, what would have been, if you change the past

In order to hold that moment, firmly in your grasp.

So many people wish it, that in hindsight they’d get it right.

They’d say the word and take the plunge, on that fateful night.

They’d say their life has changed, oh so dramatically.

But the fact of the matter remains, life’s a mystery.

So before the choice is made, before you end this verse,

answer me this question; “Is your life really that much worse?”

Text 29 Jul Wasted Days

Wasted Days

by: Chris Z.

I hate myself for wasting days of what little that we had.
Letting my stubborness take over, letting myself be mad.
Not caring if i talked to you, driving you to tears
As i shut my eyes, and closed my heart, and covered both my ears.

But everywhere i go, i swear i hear your name.
Only when silence returns, do i know i’m sane.
Sane enough to realize that i, am all alone.
Sane enough, had i ever known, i would have made it so you never had to go.

I’ve lost so many days, without knowing what i had.
Who would have ever known, that it’d cut my time in half.
I struggle everyday to find reason to stay awake.
Knowing that forever i’d have to live with my mistakes.
That the loss of things most precious, the time i had with you.
They’d be my only keepsakes, of a life that i once knew.

Wasted days and wasted time are the memories that remain.
But reliving through wasted memories, is better than living through this pain.

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